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Fordhouse of FunFordhouse of Dun is a third generation arable farm situated in Angus in the
north east of Scotland. Nestled five miles inland of Montrose, the 316-acre
farm has been farmed by the Reid family since 1903. Fordhouse was
the home of an internationally renowned Aberdeen Angus herd for
over 50 years. Today the farm grows barley, wheat, oilseed
rape and potatoes, which are farmed on a strict six year rotation.

Some years most of the farm’s cereals go to the drinks
trade – with both barley and wheat being used for malting.
The seed potato area is leased out to a large grower and
the farm’s cattle courts are rented by a local farmer for
winter housing of Aberdeen Angus yearlings.

As for the future, the Reids plan to continue with their conservation interests and to
diversify where possible. Some of Fordhouse’s oilseed has already been used
for biofuels – a fledgling industry that could lead to increased demand for both
cereals and oilseed.

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